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Our planet is dealing with a plethora of issues, excessive material waste being just one of many.

In order to create a more sustainable sourcing strategy around material production, the fashion industry needs to embrace recycling, regenerating and reusing the vast amounts of materials we create everyday.

That is why we like working with recycled materials. Not only do they use significantly less water, electricity, chemicals, and carbon, but they also use waste, rather than creating it.

Our recycled nylon, made from pre-consumer waste, is a particularly amazing fabric to work with as it is extremely compact and body forming. We use the same yarns Azzedine Alaïa’ used to create his incredible form fitting dresses, with the added benefit that our yarn is recycled.

Recycle Nylon Recycle Nylon

The nylon fabrics used in our leggings, tops, skirts and dresses are all certified by the Global Recycled Standard ensuring that all steps of the production process are traceable, and are made to the highest standard, while protecting workers’ rights.

The objectives of the Global Recycled Standard are to:

  • Verify that the materials used in products are in fact recycled
  • Provide consumers with a reliable resource to help them make informed purchasing decisions
  • Reduce the harmful impact of material production on both people and the environment
  • Provide assurance to customers that products are processed more sustainably
  • Push to drive higher percentages of recycled content in products