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Making clothing is difficult, with many components from all over the world, several of which have a very negative impact on our planet. We are trying to be as responsible as possible in the materials we choose to make our clothing. In terms of our buttons, Corozo has been the most sustainable material we have been able to source to date.

Our ethos: buy less harmful, well considered pieces and wear them more often.

Corozo Buttons are plant-based, derived from the seed or nut of the tagua palm tree in Central America. They are often called “vegetable ivory” since they are extrmely hard and durable and mimic the appearance of animal ivory with a beautiful texture and natural looking finish. In addition, purchasing Corozo based products also helps prevent deforestation by protecting and regenerating forests where corozo nuts grow wild, while also supporting the communities that gather these nuts.

Most buttons in the market are made from plastic, so Corozo buttons are not only plastic-free, but also biodegradable